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How to Enrich Your English through Movies with English Subtitles Watching movies is one of the ways to help you learn and improve your English language especially your listening and speaking skills. Films are produced for native English speakers and not for English language learners so this is the language you will hear in the real life. The language in movies are spoken quickly with native accents and pronunciations whereas many idioms are used as well as colloquial expressions. This is almost similar when you watch movies with English subtitles except that you will first learn with reading and identifying common sentences and phrases that will be useful during your conversations with English speakers. Individuals who love to watch movies with English subtitles have the chance to read the words aloud after the actors which is a way to improve their accent. When you do this for at least fifteen minutes every day, you will notice that there is a great improvement in the way you speak especially how fluent you will say those English words. When you watch these movies along with your friends, you can say these words later on so you will be able to link the words together and put the right intonation on certain words and sentences. You can even pretend to do some of the scenes to check if your pronunciation is right. English is a language that is quite difficult to pronounce and when you read the words, it is hard to know how they should be said. Upon hearing native English speakers talk to each other, you will recognize how these words are pronounced properly. By having movies with English subtitles, you will be able to see how the words are written. You can also enhance your vocabulary when you watch movies with English subtitles because you will learn new words and phrases especially with the use of idioms and colloquial expressions. You could keep a notebook where you can write down these words and phrases so you will be able to remember these or if you don’t understand, you can check this out later on with someone who is an expert. Even if it takes time to translate the English subtitles into your native language, it is an extremely efficient way to learn hundreds of useful words and phrases. By doing so, you will be able to easily identify some terms. You can easily appreciate the English language when you watch movies with English subtitles. You just need to bear in mind that you have to speak at least some basic English before you can do this.

A Simple Plan: Films

A Simple Plan: Films

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